Acanthus mollis / Bear's Breeches / 3 Plants

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Acanthus mollis / Bear's Breeches / 3 Plants

A striking architectural plant, grown in gardens since early Greek and Roman times.  Acanthus mollis grows 1 1.5m in height producing tall rose/white spikes of flowers in mid summer over big attractive leaves.   Impressive in a border, singly or in groups.

Acanthus likes rich moist well drained soil and sun or part-shade conditions. Plants tolerate a wide range of conditions including coastal and exposed gardens, with sturdy leaves and flower spikes.  They self seed in the right conditions.

3 x plants in 8cm pots.  Easy to grow on.  

Grown in Cornwall.

Hardiness Hardy perennial (RHS Hardiness H7)
Flowers Mid to late summer
Height 1 - 1.5m
Spread 1 - 1.5m
Conditions  Sun to part shade and moist, rich, well-drained soil
Plant out

Young plants can be planted directly into the border in unfrozen soil.  These plants have been raised in Cornwall and it would be beneficial to harden them off for a fortnight before planting out in mid winter or in colder gardens.

Grow on

Plants die back in the winter, though some young leaves remain.  Cut back flower stems in late summer and remove old or damaged leaves. Plants can be divided every 3-5 years in spring or autumn. Plants can be affected by mildrew - this can be minimised by keeping the plants moist.