Amaryllis belladonna / Jersey Lily / Garden Hardy / Bulbs

(Code: JPA_037)
Amaryllis belladonna / Jersey Lily / Garden Hardy / Bulbs

Jersey Lilies provide wonderful late summer colour, with large scented flowers in September and October.  Plants grow to a height of 60-75cm and produce up to 12 flower heads per bulb.  Leaves grow in winter and spring, die down in summer and flowers appear in late summer. They are great for hot and dry parts of the garden and grow well in containers.

Jersey Lilies grow best in well drained gritty soil against a south facing wall.  They are hardy in most UK gardens if grown in the right place and mulched over winter. In colder gardens, bring them into a greenhouse for some protection overwinter.


Pack of 3 Large Bulbs.  Plant bulbs as soon as possible after you receive them.  Plant the bulbs by April for same year flowers. Bulbs can be planted later, but may not flower in the first year.  Planting instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.  


Hardiness Hardy to half hardy bulbous perennial (RHS Hardiness H3/4)
Flowers September and October
Height 60 - 75cm
Spread 40 - 50cm
Conditions  Sun (preferably against a south-facing wall) and well-drained gritty soil

Plant the bulbs as soon as you receive them in autumn. Bulbs can also be planted in spring and summer.  Plant by April for same-year flowering.  Plant the bulbs in unfrozen well-drained composted soil with the neck of the bulb above the surface of the soil.   Adding grit to the bottom of the planting hole helps to prevent the rotting of bulbs in wet weather.  Plant bulbs in the ground about 20cm apart.  In containers, plant a little closer for high impact.

Grow Make sure plants have some water during the growing season (spring).  Once the leaves die down in late spring/summer, let the bulbs dry out. Flowering starts in autumn.  Cutback dead flower stalks in late autumn and mulch the plant if you leave it in the ground.  Mature bulbs produce lots of off-sets, which can be removed and replanted in autumn after flowering has finished.  If you have a colder garden,it is better to bring these plants into a greenhouse in winter to protect the leaves against heavy frosts and snow.  Harden them off for a couple of weeks before planting out in spring.