Autumn & Winter

Acer palmatum atropurpureum / Purple Japanese Maple / Seeds
£ 1.75
A lovely tree for a small garden or large container, with a naturally bushy habit and attractive purple leaves which turn a brilliant blood red in autumn.
Packet of seeds (10 seeds)
Barleria obtusa / Bush Violet / Small Evergreen Shrub / Seeds
£ 1.85
A great evergreen multi-stemmed shrub for a warmer garden, with masses of violet blue flowers in autumn.
Pack of seeds (30 seeds)
Echium plantagineum 'Bedder Blue' / Viper's Bugloss / Seeds
£ 1.65
An attractive hardy annual, with a long flowering period from May/June to September.
Pack of seeds (1g - Approx 250 seeds)
Eriocephalus africanus/ African Rosemary or Cape Snow Bush / Seeds
£ 1.75
A very attractive winter flowering Rosemary from the Cape Floral Kingdom in South Africa.
Pack of seeds (20 seeds)
Eucomis autumnalis / Pineapple Flower / Seeds
£ 1.99
An unusual plant with spectacular pineapple shaped flowers in middle to late summer.
Pack of seeds (10 seeds)
Gaura lindheimeri ‘The Bride’ / Whirling Butterflies / Seeds
£ 1.75
An increasingly popular border plant, with months of elegant white flowers from May to October.
Pack of seeds (30 seeds)
Helichrysum or Xerochrysum bracteatum 'Swiss Giants Mix' / Everlastings / Seeds
£ 1.49
A fantastic mix of Everlastings with double flowers from July to the first frost.
Pack of seeds (approx 500 seeds)
Kniphofia galpinii / Dwarf Red Hot Poker / Seeds
£ 1.95
An original dwarf species of Red hot Poker with soft orange flowers from July to November.
Pack of seeds (20 seeds)
Leek 'Tornado' / Late Harvest / High Yield & Good Shanks / Seeds
£ 1.35
Hardy late harvest leeks with thick straight shanks for harvesting in autumn and winter.
Pack of approx 150 seeds.