Babiana stricta hybrid 'Mixed' / Baboon Flowers / Summer Flowering / Bulbs

(Code: JPA_040)
Babiana stricta hybrid 'Mixed' / Baboon Flowers / Summer Flowering / Bulbs

Very attractive Freesia-like plants with a mix of flowers in early summer, from May to June/July.  These plants originate in Southern Africa where the baboons enjoy eating the corms, hence the name!  Plants grow strap-like leaves and then lots of flowers on each upright stem, growing to a height of 20-30cm.  Good for sunny sheltered borders and containers.  Good cut flowers.


Baboon Flowers grow best in sun to part shade and fertile well drained soils.  In warmer, sheltered gardens they can be grown in the border if they are heavily mulched in winter and kept in well drained soils.  Otherwise grow in pots and/or lift the bulbs in autumn and replant in spring.

Pack of 10 bulbs.  Plant in March and April directly into the ground or into containers.  Planting instructions are printed on the packet.

SOLD OUT - Spring 2019

Hardiness Hardy deciduous bulbous perennial (RHS Hardiness H2 )
Flowers May to June/July
Height 20 -30cm
Spread 10cm
Conditions  Sun to part shade and fertile well-drained soil

Plant the bulbs March and April 15-20cm deep and 10cm apart.  This is deeper than is typical for this size of bulb.  Plant the bulbs closer together in containers.   Add grit if necessary to improve drainage.   Protect from frost.


Cut back flowerstems after flowering.  Leave bulbs in the ground over winter in warmer sheltered gardens and add a thick layer of mulch in autumn.  Or lift the bulbs in autumn, store in a cool dry place and replant in spring.  Offsets can be removed from mature plants in autumn.