Bean 'Sonesta' / Dwarf French Bean / Seeds

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Bean 'Sonesta' / Dwarf French Bean / Seeds

An intense yellow variety of Dwarf French Bean, with fine delicious and stringless pods.  This variety is early to mature, with high consistent yields through the summer. The beans are 12-13cm in length, growing on a compact plant about 60cm tall.

Dwarf French Bean Sonesta has an RHS Award of Garden Merit. It has resistance to common bean mosaic virus.  
The plants grow best in full sun and rich well drained soil.


Pack of approx 100 seeds.  Sow early indoors from April and outdoors directly in the soil from late May to early July.  Harvesting starts in early July.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the seed packet.


See how your seeds are packed.

Hardiness Tender annual
Height 45 - 60cm
Spread 20 - 25cm
Conditions  Full sun and rich, moist, well drained soil

Sow indoors in April /May 5cm deep in pots of moist seed compost.   Keep at 18-20C and germination takes 1 to 2 weeks.   Transfer seedlings to pots or directly into the soil when big enough to handle and after the last frost.  Hill the seedlings when planted in the ground.  Or sow outdoors in late May to early July directly in the soil 5cm deep, 20-25cm apart in rows 40-50cm apart. Hill the plants 2 weeks after the seedlings emerge. 

Grow & Harvest

Water plants during dry spells.  Provide plants with twiggy support as necessary.  Crop from July to September.  Pick beans regularly to encourage higher yields.