Courgette 'Firenze' F1 / Slender Dark Skinned Courgette / Seeds

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Courgette 'Firenze' F1 / Slender Dark Skinned Courgette / Seeds

An excellent hybrid courgette with tasty slender straight fruits with dark coloured skins from July to October.  These are high yielding plants, with resistance to powdery mildew and therefore good for growing in large pots on a sunny patio.  They have very few prickly spines, and are nicer to pick than standard courgettes.  The flowers are small and edible.

Courgettes like a sunny position and rich moist soil. They are easy to grow and look after and produce lots of fruits from each plant, particularly if they are picked regularly.


Pack of 10 seeds.  Sow indoors in spring and plant out after the last frost generally mid-May.  Seeds can be sown directly in the soil from mid-May to June.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.


See how your seeds are packed.

Hardiness Tender annual
Height 40 - 60cm
Spread 60 - 80cm
Conditions  Full sun and rich, moist, well drained soil

Start early indoors: Sow April to June 2cm deep in moist seed compost.   Cover with a lid or plastic bag until germination and keep at 20-25C.  Germination takes 7-10 days.   Transfer seedlings to pots or directly into the soil after the last frost when they are big enough to handle.  Or sow directly in the ground: Sow mid-May and June directly into cultivated soil 60-80cm apart.  Keep well watered and feed once the flowers start setting.

Grow & Harvest

Courgettes form from July to October.  Pick fruits regularly as a mini-vegetable or when full sized.  Remove plants in the autumn once they have finished fruiting.