Ixia hybrida 'Mixed' / African Corn Lily / Bulbs

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Ixia hybrida 'Mixed' / African Corn Lily / Bulbs

A mix of African Corn Lilies with graceful and attractive star-shaped flowers in June and July.  Plants have grass-like leaves, grow to a height of 35-50cm and hold their flower spikes on wiry stems.  They grow well in borders and containers.

African Corn Lilies grow best in full sun and rich well drained soil.  These are hardy and can be left in the ground in most UK gardens.  Plants sometimes need staking in exposed gardens or when growing in part shade. They can be forced into early flowering in pots in an unheated greenhouse.

Pack of 25 bulbs.  Plant in autumn or spring.  These are good-sized nursery-raised bulbs which flower in the first season.

Available now for planting Autumn 2017.

Hardiness Hardy deciduous perennial (corms)
Flowers June to July
Height 35 - 50cm
Spread 10cm
Conditions  Sun and well drained, preferably sandy, soil

Plant October to December 8cm deep and 8cm apart in unfrozen soil.  In pots, plant 5 bulbs in a 12cm pot.  In less well-drained soil place grit or sand at the bottom of the planting hole.  After planting, mulch the soil surface to protect the bulbs over winter.  Bulbs can be planted in late spring in colder areas, and plants will flower a little later.  Bulbs can be forced into early flowering.  To force, plant bulbs into pots in autumn and keep in a cool (2C - 10C), dry and dark place.  Water when growth starts.  In January, bring growing plants into warmth (about 12-15C) and light and plants flower from March/April.

Grow Make sure plants have enough light and water in spring when they are growing and flowering.  Remove flower stalks after flowering.  Let the leaves die down after flowering and remove when they have browned. Leave the bulbs in the ground over winter with a mulch to protect against heavy frosts.  When plants become congested, lift the bulbs in the summer, and re-plant the mature bulbs and the offsets that form alongside them.  Off-sets flower in 1-2 years after re-planting. Bulbs flower for many years.