Lavender Seeds

Lavender ‘Mini Blue’ / Lavandula angustifolia / Seeds
£ 1.99
A good new variety of compact Lavender with intensely fragrant grey-green leaves, and lots of flowers from June to October.
Pack of seeds (30 Tuned seeds)
Lavender ‘Pink Perfume’ / Lavandula angustifolia / Seeds
£ 1.75
An aromatic compact variety of Lavender, with rosy pink flowers in July to September.
Pack of seeds (50 seeds)
Lavender dentata / Fringed Lavender / Lavandula dentata / Spanish Lavender / Seeds
£ 1.75
A Lavender with toothed green-green leaves and attractive violet-blue flowers June to September for a warm garden and good house plant.
Pack of seeds (50 seeds)
Lavender lanata / Woolly Lavender / Lavandula lanata / Seeds
£ 1.95
A later flowering Lavender with silver woolly evergreen leaves and spikes of lilac flowers in late summer.
Pack of seeds (30 seeds)
Lavender latifolia / Spike Lavender / Lavandula latifolia / Seeds
£ 1.49
A highly aromatic sub-shrub with dark purple flowers in midsummer.
Pack of seeds (50 seeds)
Lavender 'Purple Ribbon' / Dwarf French Lavender / Lavandula stoechas / Seeds
£ 1.75
A compact variety of French Lavender with fragrant grey-green leaves, and flowers in early to mid summer.
Pack of seeds (50 Seeds)
Lavender Selection / 4 packets of PlantGenesis Seeds
£ 4.99
A selection of four packets of Lavender seeds for containers or the garden.
Collection Pack (4 packets of seeds)
Lavender 'Spanish Eyes' / Fernleaf Lavender / Lavandula multifida / Seeds
£ 1.75
A fast growing perennial Lavender with very showy violet-blue flowers from June to September.
Pack of seeds (50 seeds)
Santolina etrusca / Etruscan Santolina / Cotton Lavender / Seeds
£ 1.65
A small shrub with fragrant feathery grey-green leaves and button-like creamy white flowerheads in midsummer
Pack of seeds (30 seeds)