Leek 'Swiss Giant Zermatt' / Early Harvest / Baby and Full Size / Seeds

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Leek 'Swiss Giant Zermatt' / Early Harvest / Baby and Full Size / Seeds

These are hardy and early-to-harvest leeks, which grow into excellent baby and full-size leeks.   Plants have long shanks, erect leaves and a good base. There is some resistance to rust. The seedlings grow quickly and evenly and start to harvest from July/August to October/November.  Young leeks are a good alternative to spring onions.

Leeks grow best in a sunny, well-cultivated position in rich well drained soil.  They tolerate part shade.


Pack of approx 150 seeds.  Sow in January to February indoors, and March to July outdoors.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the seed packet.


See how your seeds are packed.

Hardiness Hardy biennial, harvested in the first year
Height 40-50cm
Spread 20-30cm
Conditions  Sun and rich cultivated well drained soil

Sow January to February indoors about 3mm deep in trays of moist seed compost.   Keep at 13-15C and germination takes 10-14 days.   Transfer seedlings to pots when big enough to handle and then plant outside after hardening off.   Or sow March to July outdoors into a seedbed and transplant seedlings into their final position.  Place the seedlings in holes 10-15cm deep, each hole being 15-20cm apart in rows 40cm apart.  Water the seedlings in the hole and do not fill with soil, which will fall in gradually.  

Grow & Harvest

Earth up the stems as they grow, which gives a blanched white shank.  Harvest baby leeks 10-12 weeks from transplanting, and fully grown leeks 30-32 weeks from transplanting.  Harvest from July to October/November by lifting each entire plant with a fork.