Lessertia or Sutherlandia frutescens / Cancer Bush / Small Shrub / Seeds

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Lessertia or Sutherlandia frutescens / Cancer Bush / Small Shrub / Seeds

A very attractive and unusual garden plant from Southern Africa. The Cancer Bush grows into a small soft wooded shrub, with grey/green silvery leaves and striking orange/red flowers in spring to early summer. The flowers mature into papery pods which look good in flower arrangements.

The Cancer Bush prefers full sun and will tolerate all soil types. It is drought tolerant once established and will grow quickly to about 50-100cm in height. It looks good in borders, containers and in a larger herb garden.  Although described as frost tolerant, this plant needs protecting in colder parts of the UK with a mulch around the roots in winter or growing in pots and bringing indoors.

Pack of 10 seeds.  Sow in spring to autumn.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.

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Hardiness Half hardy to hardy evergreen small shrub
Flowers Early summer
Height 50 - 100cm
Spread 30 - 40cm
Conditions  Sun and most soils

Sow in spring to autumn.  Soak the seeds in hand-hot water for 4-10 hours, then sow in a tray of moist seed compost (and just cover with compost).  Keep at 18-21C and germination takes 2-3 weeks.  Consider spraying with a garden fungicide and using sterilised seed compost and trays to prevent damping off.  Pot on seedlings as soon as they are big enough to handle and plant out in groups after the last frost in a sunny position.  


These are evergreen plants and do not need much pruning.  Trim back after flowering and remove dead or damaged stems.  Protect plants from hard frosts plants survive best in well drained soil.  Plants can get woody after a while, and they can be replaced with new seedlings or cuttings. Semi-ripe cuttings take well in summer, particularly with bottom heat.  Protect against red spider mites under glass.