Ornithogalum umbellatum / Star of Bethlehem / Seeds

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Ornithogalum umbellatum / Star of Bethlehem / Seeds

A great dwarf species of Star of Bethlehem for naturalizing in your borders or rockeries.  Plants have lots of starry white flowers with green stripes in April and May, and grow to a height of about 10-15cm.  They spread naturally once established and can be left alone or divided in the summer after flowering.  Flowers are scented.

Ornithogalums grow best in sun or light shade and in a rich well drained soil.  These are hardy and can be left in the ground in most UK gardens.  Plants grown from seed take time to grow big enough bulbs to flower, typically 3-4 years. 

Pack of 30 seeds.  Germination is erratic, so better for the more experienced gardener.  Sow the seeds in autumn for germination in spring or sow anytime including 2-4 weeks in a fridge, to break seed dormancy.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.


Caution:Harmful if eaten

See how your seeds are packed.

Hardiness Hardy deciduous perennial (forms bulbs) (RHS Hardiness H6)
Flowers April and May
Height 10 - 15cm
Spread 10 - 15cm
Conditions  Sun to part shade and moist, rich, well-drained soil

Sow the seeds in autumn in a seed tray with a clear lid.  Keep the tray in a coldframe or cold greenhouse over winter and seeds start to germinate in spring over several months.  Or sow the seeds anytime and keep at 15-20C.  If there is no germination in 3-4 weeks, move the tray to a fridge for 2-4 weeks and back into the warmth for germination.


Remove dead flowerstalks.  Let the leaves die down after flowering and remove when they have browned.  Leave the bulbs in the ground overwinter.  Lift and divide the bulbs in the summer, when plants become congested, to maintain flowering.  Remove and re-plant the offsets that form alongside the mature bulbs.  Bulbs flower for many years.