Pepper 'Astor' F1 / Italian Corno di Toro / Sweet and Crisp Pepper / Seeds

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Pepper 'Astor' F1 / Italian Corno di Toro / Sweet and Crisp Pepper / Seeds

A successful hybrid of the Italian Corno di Toro sweet pepper.  Plants produce large tapered fruits ripening from green to golden yellow.  They have a thick flesh and a sweet flavour.  The plants are tall and sturdy and the fruits ripen 70-80 days from germination in July to September.  The peppers are a good size –generally 20 to 25cm in length.

Pepper Astor F1 can be grown indoors or out in a warm sunny position. 

Pack of 10 seeds.  Sow in the spring and plant out once the soil has warmed up – generally mid-June.  These are hybrid seeds, bred to give uniform germination and good cropping from each seed germinated.  They have some resistance to tobacco mosaic virus.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the seed packet.


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Hardiness Tender annual
Height 100 - 150cm
Spread 60cm
Conditions  Warm sun and rich, moist, well drained soil

Sow in spring 10 weeks before the last frost(generally March/April).  Sow seeds in moist seed compost and cover with vermiculite or seed compost.   Keep at 21-25°C and germination takes 1-3 weeks.  Transfer seedlings to pots when they are big enough to handle and then into grow-bags or pots indoors, or outside, after hardening off and at least two weeks after the last frost in a warm sunny position.  Water and feed regularly.

Grow & Harvest

Water and regularly.  Fruits appear in July to September, ripening from green to golden yellow.  Cut the fruits from the plant.