Protea Starter Pack / Protea seeds and Seed Primer Disc

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Protea Starter Pack / Protea seeds and Seed Primer Disc

A great way to start growing Proteas. The starter pack includes seeds for two of the best garden Proteas:

Both Proteas are half hardy evergreen shrubs with anice upright habit, with the King Protea growing to about 1m and the Sugarbush to about 2.5m. The King Protea produces very large showy pink flowers and the Sugarbush more compact cone shaped flowers in pink and red shades. Both are long lasting flowers coming out in June and lasting to August/September.

Proteas prefer well drained sandy and acid soil with low phosphate levels. A sunny spot is best, which is sheltered against frost. They can be grown outdoors in a sheltered spot in the South of England (to -5C), but otherwise best in pots that are overwintered in a well ventilated greenhouse.

Sow in spring or autumn. Seeds need to be soaked for 24hrs before sowing, preferably in a smoke primer solution (one disc included in this pack). Flowering starts in years 4 and 5. Sowing instructions are printed on the packet.


See growing advice for more information on growing Proteas.