Tagetes erecta 'Kilimanjaro' / African Marigold / Seeds

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Tagetes erecta 'Kilimanjaro' / African Marigold / Seeds

A creamy white variety of African Marigold, with double flowers from June to September.  These are good strong bushy plants growing to a height of 50cm and good for edging, front of borders and pots.  They will attract butterflies and bees into the garden.

African Marigolds grow best in sun and well-drained soil.


Pack of 40 seeds.  Sow in spring for planting out after the last frost.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.

See how your seeds are packed.

Hardiness Half hardy annual (RHS Hardiness H2)
Flowers June to September
Height 50cm
Spread 20-40cm
Conditions  Sun and well drained soils
Sow Sow in spring. Sow in a tray or pots of moist seed compost and cover lightly with compost or vermiculite.  Keep at 20-25C and seedlings emerge in 1-3 weeks.  Pot on seedlings when they are big enough to handle.  Pinch out the growing tips of young plants to encourage a bushy habit.  Plant out after the last frost into the garden or containers. 
Grow Deadhead plants to prolong flowering.  Water plants during dry spells.  Feed container grown plants once a week.  Protect plants against slugs and snails.  Spidermites can attack plants under glass. Plants die down after flowering in the autumn when they should be removed.  Sow seeds again in spring.