Tomato Seeds

Tomato 'Ailsa Craig' / Tasty Heritage Cordon Tomato / Seeds
A popular heritage tomato, which is early to ripen and has a good deep flavour. For the greenhouse and outside..
Pack of approx 100 seeds.
Tomato 'Chiquito' F1 / Baby Plum Tomato / Seeds
A firm-fleshed baby plum tomato with a sweet flavour.
Pack of 15 seeds.
Tomato 'Gardeners Delight' / Heritage Cherry Tomato / Seeds
A popular heritage cherry tomato with trusses of tasty fruits from June to September.
Pack of 50 seeds.
Tomato 'Orange Ray' / Striped Italian Plum Tomato / New variety / Seeds
A striped Roman or Italian Plum tomato with long sausage-shaped striped fruits from July to September
Pack of 40 seeds.
Tomato 'Sun Cherry Premium' F1 / Super Sweet Cherry Tomato / Seeds
An exceptionally sweet cherry tomato with red skinned shiny fruits from July to October.
Pack of 10 seeds.