Tradescantia fluminensis 'Dark Green' / Houseplant / Inch Plant or Spider Wort / 3 Plants

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Tradescantia fluminensis 'Dark Green' / Houseplant / Inch Plant or Spider Wort / 3 Plants

Tradescantia ‘Dark Green’ is a fast growing houseplant, with glossy dark green leaves and white flowers.  It is a great houseplant, forming up to 50cm long trailing stems of leaves, looking good in hanging baskets, on shelves and windowsills.  The plants are easy to look after, grow quickly and form white flowers on-and-off during the year.


Tradescantia grows best in moist, but not waterlogged, soil and in a frost-free sunny location in the house.  Plants tolerate shade but prefer some direct sunlight during the day.  

Grown in Cornwall, UK.

Pack of 3 plants (8cm pots).  

Hardiness Tender evergreen herbaceous perennial (RHS Hardines H1C)
Flowers On-and-off during the year
Height 10-20cm
Spread 20-60cm
Conditions  A well lit room with some direct sun, in moist well-drained soil.
Plant out Plants arrive in small pots and can stay in these pots for some time.  They can be re-potted into a larger container, making sure there are holes for water to drain away from the soil.  Plants can live indoors all year, or can be taken out for summer, and brought back indoors for winter, as they need to be protected from frost.
Grow on Plants need little attention once established.   Keep them well watered but not waterlogged.  Apply a fertilizer once a month except in the colder months when the plants are inactive.  Trim back long stems if they become straggly and this encourages the plant to bush out and produce more growth.