Zantedeschia aethiopica / Arum Lily / Bulbs

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Zantedeschia aethiopica / Arum Lily / Bulbs

These are rhizomes of the lovely Arum Lily, originally from the Cape Floral Kingdom in South Africa and grow in the UK since the 17th century.  Arum lilies have big glossy green leaves and striking white trumpet shaped flowers, looking lovely in a well watered or pond-side location.  A very good cut flower, popular in wedding bouquets. 

Arum Lilies grow to a height of 60-90cm and prefer sunny, moist and fertile conditions.  They are borderline hardy, and will survive in most UK gardens over the winter if the rhizomes are planted at least 15cm below the ground and the crown is mulched over the winter.  In colder gardens, lift the rhizomes in autumn, store frost-free in winter and replant in spring.  Or bring indoors and grow as a house plant.

These are good-sized nursery-raised rhizomes that flower in the first season.

Pack of 3 bulbs/rhizomes.  Plant rhizomes from late autumn onwards (and protect from frost with a mulch) or plant in spring (April).  Planting instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.  

Bulbs are dispatched in protected boxes, and arrive 3-5 working days after payment.

AVAILABLE NOW -  autumn 2018 or spring 2019 planting - SOLD OUT

Hardiness Hardy to half-hardy perennial (RHS Hardiness H4)
Flowers May and June/July
Height 60 - 100cm
Spread 60 - 100cm
Conditions  Full sun to part shade and moist conditions

Plant October to December or April, 10-15cm deep and 30cm apart in unfrozen soil


Provide plants with plenty of water during while they are growing and flowering.  Remove flowers after fading.  Plants are evergreen in milder climates, and untidy leaves can be removed as necessary. A heavy frost will brown the leaves, after which they can be removed.  Leave the rhizomes in the ground over winter and cover with a heavy mulch.  In colder gardens, rhizomes can be lifted in autumn and stored for replanting in spring. Late summer is a good time to lift and divide mature clumps cut the rhizome in sections, with each section having at least one eye.   Replant in autumn or spring.