Chives / Delicate flavour / Herb / Seeds

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Chives / Delicate flavour / Herb / Seeds

Chives have cylindrical leaves and a delicate onion flavour.  Plants grow into grass-like clusters, to a height of about 20cm.  There are attractive pink flowers in summer, but these plants are mainly grown for their tasty leaves, which work well with savoury dishes and salads.    

Chives grow best in sun and well drained soil.  They grow just as well in pots as they do in the ground, and as an ornamental plant as well as a culinary herb.  They grow indoors all year round with sufficient heat and light.


Pack of approx 600 seeds.  Sow the seeds indoors all year round, or outside directly into the ground, from April to August. Start harvesting leaves and later flowers 60 - 80 days from sowing.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the seed packet.

See how your seeds are packed.

Hardiness Hardy perennial (forms bulbs), can be grown as an annual (RHS Hardiness H4)
Flowers Flowers in midsummer
Height 20cm
Spread 10 -15cm
Conditions  Grow in sun to part shade and well-drained soil.

Sow indoors all year round.  Sow the seeds thinly in a tray or small pots of compost, and cover with 10mm of compost. Keep at room temperature (12-20 degrees Celcius) and germination takes 1-3 weeks.  Transplant seedlings into small pots when they are big enough to handle and then out into the garden or plant 3-4 plants together into bigger pots after hardening off.  Sow seeds directly into the ground from April to August in rows about 20cm apart.  Thin out seedlings as they grow to about 15cm apart.


Water seedlings until they are established.  Let the plants grow 15-20cm high before starting to harvest.  Trim the leaves on a regular basis from the outside inwards. Leaves regrow.  Lift mature clumps every three or so years in spring or autumn and separate the bulbs into smaller clumps to re-invigorate and reproduce the plants.  Plants flower in mid-summer.  Remove the flower stalks as they appear if you want to keep trimming the leaves.  You may enjoy eating the flowers in salads and as a garnish the flowers are at their best as buds or when they have just emerged.  Plants left to flower can be cut back after flowering to about 5cm from the ground and they re-grow.