Eriocephalus africanus/ African Rosemary or Cape Snow Bush / Seeds

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Eriocephalus africanus/ African Rosemary or Cape Snow Bush / Seeds

A very attractive winter flowering wild rosemary from the Cape Floral Kingdom in South Africa.  African Rosemary grows 1-2m in height and 1.0-1.5m across.   It has thin silvery grey aromatic leaves, and dense showy white florets in the winter from November to March. The flowers mature into attractive woolly white seed balls.

African Rosemary can be used as a culinary herb.  It is widely used as a traditional African medicine.  
Plants prefer a sunny well drained position and tolerate coastal sites. Give them enough space to form a natural rounded shape.  Plants can be pruned lightly after flowering or more strongly into hedges or balls/standards.

Pack of 20 seeds.  Sow spring or autumn.   Easy to grow.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.


See how your seeds are packed.

Hardiness Hardy evergreen perennial herb/shrub
Flowers November to March
Height 1m - 1.2m
Spread 1m - 1.5m
Conditions  Full sun and well drained soils

Sow in spring or autumn in a tray of moist seed compost.  Cover lightly with vermiculite or seed compost and keep at 10-15C. Germination takes about 2-3 weeks. Pot on seedlings when they are big enough to handle and out into the garden after the last frost.  Protect young seedlings in the first winter keep in a greenhouse or cold frame.  

Grow Plants are evergreen and only need light pruning after flowering to maintain a good shape. Plants are only just hardy, so make sure they are in a warm and sheltered place in the garden to grow in a large pot and bring into a greenhouse in winter.  Tip and heel cuttings take well in spring and autumn. Plants are drought resistant once established.