Thymus pulegioides / Mother of Thyme / Seeds

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Thymus pulegioides / Mother of Thyme / Seeds

A lovely low-growing shrub, with lemon-scented leaves and pink to purple flowers in June and July.   Plants grow to a height of about 20-30cm, and look good in herb and gravel gardens and alongside paths.  They withstand light foot traffic.

The leaves can be used in cooking and to make a traditional medicinal tea.

Thyme prefers a sunny spot and well-drained soil. 

Pack of approx 100 small seeds.  Sow in spring to autumn.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.


See how your seeds are packed.

Hardiness Hardy evergreen herb / sub-shrub (RHS Hardiness H5)
Flowers June and July
Height 20 - 30cm
Spread 20 - 40cm
Conditions  Sun and well drained neutral to alkaline soils
Sow Sow in moist seed compost and do not cover with compost, as light is needed for germination. Cover with a clear plastic bag or lid (and remove after germination).  Keep at 12-20C and germination takes 2-4 weeks.  Do not over-water as this can cause damping off (early death of young seedlings above and below the soil surface).  Pot on and grow until ready to plant out into the garden in a sunny spot.  
Grow Plants need little attention once established.   They can be trimmed back after flowering to keep tidy.  Plants spread and self-seed and can be removed as necessary to prevent them overtaking the garden.  They make good pot plants.  Plants are easy to propagate they can be divided in spring or semi-hardwood cuttings take well in summer.