Agapanthus campanulatus ssp patens / Bell Agapanthus / Seeds

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Agapanthus campanulatus ssp patens / Bell Agapanthus / Seeds

A dainty hardy Agapanthus with strap-like leaves and plenty of frilly blue flowers in the summer from July to September.  Unusually, the flowers have blue stripes down the centre of the petals.  Good for a smaller garden as plants grow to a height of 40 - 100cm, so can be planted in a border as well as larger pots. 

Agapanthus prefers a rich well drained soil in sun or part shade.  Plants are relatively drought resistant once established.

Pack of 20 seeds.  Sow in spring to autumn.  Flowering generally starts in the 3rd season.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.

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Hardiness Hardy deciduous perennial
Flowers July to September
Height 40 - 100cm
Spread 40 - 60cm
Conditions  Plant out in full sun to part shade and well-drained soil
Sow Sow in spring to autumn in trays of well drained seed compost.  Cover lightly with compost and keep at room temperature. Germination takes 6-8 weeks. Transplant seedlings to pots in the second year and move out into the garden in the third year after the last frost. Flowering starts in Year 3.
Grow The leaves and flowers die down in winter, when the dead material can be cleared away, and they start growing again in spring.  Plants should be mulched overwinter to protect from frost.  Plants grown in pots should be sheltered in a greenhouse over winter.  Mature plants can be divided in spring.   Fertilize in spring and water in summer for the best flowers.