Arctotis fastuosa / Namaqua Marigold / Half hardy annual / Seeds
£ 1.75
One of the wonderful Namaquland daisies with large colourful orange flowers in summer.
Pack of seeds (50 seeds)
Berkheya cirsiifolia / African Daisy / Seeds
£ 1.95
A lovely thistle-like daisy from Southern Africa with large flowers from June to September
Packet of seeds (20 seeds)
Berkheya purpurea / Purple Daisy / Seeds
£ 1.85
A lovely thistle-like daisy from Southern Africa with purple flowers in midsummer to the first autumn frost.
Packet of seeds (20 seeds)
Dimorphotheca sinuata 'Mixed' / Namaqualand Daisy / Seeds
£ 1.49
African Daisies with a good bushy habit and a mix of flowers from June/July to October.
Pack of seeds (Approx 600 seeds)
Gazania rigens 'Sunshine Mixed' / Half hardy annual / Seeds
£ 1.49
A sparkling mix of Gazanias, with large flowers in a mix of colours from June to the first frost.
Pack of seeds (50 seeds)
Gerbera jamesonii ‘California Giant Mix’ / Barberton Daisy / Seeds
£ 1.49
An attractive mix of giant Barberton daisies, with lots of colourful flowers from June to September.
Pack of seeds (50 seeds)
Osteospermum ecklonis / Cape Daisy / Seeds
£ 1.65
The original Cape Daisy with white flowers and dark centres from May/June to September.
Packet of seeds (30 seeds)
Osteospermum jucundum / Cape Daisy / 3 Plants
£ 6.99
A Cape Daisy with a spreading habit and brilliant pink flowers all summer into autumn.
Pack of 3 plants (9cm pots)
The Namaqualand Daisy Collection / 6 Packets of PlantGenesis Seeds in a Gift Tin / Gift
£ 12.99
A PlantGenesis seed selection of Namaqualand Daisies, packed in a gift tin.
1 Set (6 packets of seeds)