Grass Seeds

Briza media / Quaking Grass / Seeds
£ 1.49
A lovely decorative grass, growing wild in the UK and also great for gardens.
Packet of seeds (Approx 150 seeds)
Cymbopogon flexuosus / East Indian Lemon Grass / Seeds
£ 1.49
A culinary and traditional medicinal grass whose leaves and stems are used in cooking and for making herbal tea.
Packet of seeds (Approx 1000 seeds)
Eragrostis curvula / African Love Grass / Seeds
£ 1.75
A lovely willowy grass with curved leaves and spikes of flower pannicles in mid to late summer.
Packet of seeds (approx 100 seeds)
Eragrostis elegans / Elegant Love Grass / Seeds
£ 1.49
An elegant Love Grass for the border and for cutting, with white flower spikes in mid to late summer.
Packet of seeds (approx 1000 seeds)
Festuca cinerea Glauca / Blue Fescue Grass / Seeds
£ 1.49
A neat ornamental grass with attractive silvery-blue leaves and pale flowers in late summer
Packet of seeds (approx 600 seeds)
Lagurus ovatus / Bunny's Tail Grass / Seeds
£ 1.49
A decorative grass with fluffy oval cream flowerheads, resembling a Bunny’s tail, from June to August
Packet of seeds (Approx 500 seeds)
Stipa tenuissima 'Pony Tails' / Mexican Feather Grass / Seeds
£ 1.49
A graceful grass with thin green leaves and plumes of flowers in mid to late summer.
Packet of seeds (approx 100 clean seeds)