Lampranthus multiradiatus / Vygies / Seeds

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Lampranthus multiradiatus / Vygies / Seeds

Lovely succulent plant with small leaves and masses of pink to red flowers, coming out in late spring to mid summer.  Grows to a height of about 50cm and very effective in a rockery or in pots in a sunny place.  Plants trail over walls.

Lampranthus is one of the plants that make up the stunning spring display of flowers in the Cape Floral Kingdom in South Africa. Plants prefer sunny and well drained conditions.  This plant does not like hard frosts and can only tolerate temperatures to -5 to -7C, needing protection or moving indoors in cold weather.  They survive outdoors in warmer UK gardens once they form woody stems, which takes about two years.


Pack of 50 seeds.  Sow anytime, typically spring to autumn.   Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the label. 

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Hardiness Half hardy evergreen perennial succulent
Flowers Late spring to mid summer
Height 50cm
Spread 50 - 100cm
Conditions  Sun and well drained soil

Sow in spring to autumn in a tray of moist seed compost.  Cover the seeds in a thin layer of sand or compost (no more than 2mm) and keep in the dark until germination.  Germination takes 2-4 weeks at around 20-25C.  Pot on and plant out after the last frost.  Protect plants from hard frost, particularly in the first year.

Grow Plants grow and flower quickly, often in the first year if sown in early spring. Plant out in the garden or into pots. Plants do not need pruning, except to remove damaged or untidy stems.  Semi-ripe cuttings take very easily in summer.

See Growing Advice for more information on growing Lampranthus.