Lettuce 'Morello' / A Lollo Rossa Lettuce / Seeds

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Lettuce 'Morello' / A Lollo Rossa Lettuce / Seeds

A triple cherry red Lollo Rossa type lettuce with frilly edged leaves, a small core and deep colour right to the heart.  This is along standing popular variety with good mildew resistance. 

Lettuce grows best in composted well drained soil, with regular watering and not too sunny a position in midsummer. 

Pack of approx 500 seeds.  Sow from early spring to August, every two weeks for a regular harvest.  Early spring sowings are best done in a greenhouse in peat pots or modules. Later sowings can be done directly into the ground or into containers after the risk of frost has passed. Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.


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Hardiness Half hardy annual
Height 20cm
Spread 10-20cm
Conditions  Light sun to part shade and moist well drained soil
Sow Sow from February to August.  In early spring, sow in peat pots or modules, keep at 10-15 C and germination takes 1-2 weeks.  Transplant seedlings into the ground when 2-3cm high after hardening off.  In late spring and summer, sow seeds directly into the ground in rows 1cm deep and 30cm apart.  Thin seedlings to 15-20cm apart, and keep moist.  Seeds can be sown directly into containers that are at least 25cm deep. Sow every two weeks for a regular harvest.
Grow & Harvest Protect plants from slugs and snails.  Harvest the leaves when they become big enough to eat, generally 6-8 weeks from sowing. More leaves will grow.  Discard the plants at the end of the season and start sowing again in spring.