Lilies & Bulbous Plants

Albuca shawii / Summer Flowering Bulb / Seeds
A graceful summer flowering plant with scented yellow flowers from June to August.
Packet of seeds (10 seeds)
Amaryllis belladonna / Jersey Lily / Garden Hardy / Bulbs
These are fabulous Gladioli with tall flower spikes of brilliant red and orange flowers in July and August.
Pack of seeds (8 seeds)
Aristea major or capitata / Blue Sceptre / Seeds
A striking perennial iris with spires of electric blue flowers in summer.
Packet of seeds (10 seeds)
Eucomis autumnalis / Pineapple Flower / Seeds
An unusual plant with spectacular pineapple shaped flowers in middle to late summer.
Pack of seeds (10 seeds)
Galtonia candicans / Cape Hyacinth / Seeds
A great accent plant for a garden with bell shaped fragrant white flowers in mid to late summer.
Pack of seeds (15 seeds)
Geissorhiza inflexa / Red Satin Flower / Seeds
This is a beautiful red form of Geissorhiza, with star-shaped flowers in spring
Pack of seeds (15 seeds)
Merwilla plumbea or Scilla natalensis / Blue Squill / Seeds
A striking ornamental and medicinal plant originating with tall flower spikes in early to mid summer.
Pack of 15 seeds.
Moraea gigandra / Large Peacock Flower / Seeds
A showy plant for bulb enthusiasts, the Large Peacock Flower has big, striking violet blue flowers in spring.
Packet of seeds (30 small seeds)
Onixotis stricta or Wurmbea stricta / Greater Waterphlox / Seeds
A bulbous plant for a moist or pond-side location with spikes of pink and white star-like flowers in spring.
Packet of seeds (15 seeds)