Meconopsis napaulensis / Satin Poppy / Seeds

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Meconopsis napaulensis / Satin Poppy / Seeds

Wonderful tall poppy from Nepal, with purple to blue flowers and golden eyes from late spring to early summer.  This poppy grows up to 1.5m tall depending on conditions and makes a striking addition to a lightly shaded damp border or corner of the garden. The dried flower heads look good in the winter on the top of evergreen hairy leaves.

Satin Poppies can be tricky to grow.  They like damp, lightly shaded positions.  And they prefer cool summers. 

Pack of 30 seeds.  Sow in cooler conditions, generally spring or autumn.  Flowers come out in colours from blue to mauve to yellow Satin Poppy has quite a bit of variation in flower colour from seed.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo ore printed on the packet.

See how your seeds are packed.

Hardiness Hardy short lived perennial
Flowers June and July
Height 1 - 1.5m flower stems
Spread 30 -50cm
Conditions  Shade to part shade and moist rich well-drained soil cooler conditions are better for the plants

Sow in spring to autumn in moist sterilised seed compost.  Place seeds on top of the compost and do not cover with compost. Place a clear cover over the top, keep in the light (not direct sunlight) and remove the cover as soon as the seeds germinate.  Germination takes 2-4 weeks at 15-21C, sometimes up to two months.   Spray the seed tray and seedlings with a garden fungicide to prevent damping off. Pot on when seedlings are big enough to handle and then into the garden in part shade and a moist rich well drained soil.  Seeds can be affected by damping off using sterilised trays and compost helps to prevent this. 

Grow Keep plants well watered during dry spells.  Deadhead plants to encourage more flowers.  Tidy up plants in autumn.