Patty Pan 'Sunburst' F1 / Summer Squash Yellow Scallop / Seeds

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Patty Pan 'Sunburst' F1 / Summer Squash Yellow Scallop / Seeds

Patty Pan ‘Sunburst’ is an easy-to-grow prolific summer squash.  Plants grow lots of butter yellow scallop squashes on compact bushy plants.  Squashes are best picked small and young when about 5-8cm across and are shaped like a scallop shell, hence the name.  They have fine-grained firm white flesh, soft skin and a good flavour.  The fruits are eaten raw or cooked, similar to baby courgettes.  Patty Pan Squashes are traditionally grown in Italy, and many South Africans will also be familiar with them.

Patty Pan ‘Sunburst’grows well in a warm sunny place in rich well drained soil.  Plants can be grown in large containers.  They have a bush habit, growing 60-90cm in height and do not need support.   You can start picking from end of June onwards into autumn.

Pack of 10 seeds.  Sow indoors in spring or sow directly into the ground in late May/early June.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.


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Hardiness Tender annual
Height 60 - 90cm
Spread 60 - 100cm
Conditions  Full sun and rich, moist, well drained soil

Start early indoors: Sow April to June 2cm deep in moist seed compost.   Cover with a lid or plastic bag until germination and keep at 20-25°C.  Germination takes 7-10 days.   Transfer seedlings to pots or directly into the soil after the last frost when they are big enough to handle.  Or sow directly in the ground: Sow mid-May and June directly into cultivated soil 60-80cm apart.  Keep well watered and feed once the flowers start setting.

Grow & Harvest

Patty Pans form June to September/October.  The fruits are grown to eat young, so pick them when they are 5-8cm across.  Pick regularly to encourage more fruiting.  Feed and water regularly to promote healthy plants. Remove plants in autumn once they have finished fruiting.