Spring Flowering Bulbs

Freesia alba / White Freesia / Scented / Spring Flowering Bulbs / 6 Bulbs
A heritage Freesias with scented trumpet shaped flowers in spring, from March to May.
Pack of 6 bulbs.
Freesia hybrida 'Single Mixed' / Spring Flowering Bulbs / 25 Bulbs
A mix of scented Freesias with scented trumpet shaped single flowers in spring, from March to May.
Pack of 25 bulbs.
Gladiolus communis ssp byzantinus /  / Byzantine Gladiolus / Whistling Jack / Bulbs
One of the few hardy and early flowering Gladioli, with brilliant wine-coloured flowers in May and June, now naturalised in Cornwall.
Pack of 15 bulbs (corms)
Ornithogalum dubium / Orange Star of Bethlehem / Spring Flowering Bulbs
A lovely bulbous plant for indoors or warmer UK gardens, with brilliant orange (sometimes yellow) flowers in March/April and May.
Packet of 6 bulbs.
Ornithogalum nutans / Nodding Star of Bethlehem / Bulbs
A great bulb for naturalizing in your garden with lots of silvery satin flowers with green backs in March to May
Packet of 15 bulbs.
Ornithogalum umbellatum / Star of Bethlehem / Bulbs
A great dwarf species of Star of Bethlehem for naturalizing in your borders or rockeries, with starry white flowers in April and May.
Packet of 15 bulbs.
Scilla peruviana / Portuguese Squill / Garden Hardy / 3 Bulbs
A wonderful garden and pot plant, with beautiful big deep-blue flowers in spring, typically April/May to June.
Pack of 3 bulbs
Sparaxis tricolor hybrid 'Superfine Mixed' / Harlequin Flower / Bulbs
A bulbous perennial with a dazzling display of colour in late spring.
Pack of 25 bulbs
Zantedeschia aethiopica / Arum Lily / Bulbs
A striking plant with glossy dark green wavy edged leaves and large white flowers in May and June.
Pack of 3 Rhizomes