Flower Bulbs

Amaryllis belladonna / Jersey Lily / Garden Hardy / Bulbs
Jersey Lilies provide wonderful late summer colour, with large scented flowers in September and October.
Pack of 3 bulbs
Babiana stricta hybrid 'Mixed' / Baboon Flowers / Summer Flowering / Bulbs
A mix of Freesia-like flowers on upright stems from May to June/July
Packet of 12 bulbs.
Galtonia candicans / Cape Hyacinth / Summer Flowering / Bulbs
Tall bulbous plants with impressive white flowers in mid to late summer for the border or containers.
Packet of 5 bulbs.
Gladiolus communis ssp byzantinus /  / Byzantine Gladiolus / Whistling Jack / Bulbs
One of the few hardy and early flowering Gladioli, with brilliant wine-coloured flowers in May and June, now naturalised in Cornwall.
Pack of 15 bulbs (corms)
Ornithogalum dubium / Orange Star of Bethlehem / Spring Flowering Bulbs
A lovely bulbous plant for indoors or warmer UK gardens, with brilliant orange (sometimes yellow) flowers in March/April and May.
Packet of 6 bulbs.
Ornithogalum nutans / Nodding Star of Bethlehem / Bulbs
A great bulb for naturalizing in your garden with lots of silvery satin flowers with green backs in March to May
Packet of 12 bulbs.
Ornithogalum umbellatum / Star of Bethlehem / Bulbs
A great dwarf species of Star of Bethlehem for naturalizing in your borders or rockeries, with starry white flowers in April and May.
Packet of 12 bulbs.
Sparaxis tricolor hybrid 'Superfine Mixed' / Harlequin Flower / Bulbs
(-27.64%)  1.99
A bulbous perennial with a dazzling display of colour in late spring.
Pack of 25 bulbs
Zantedeschia aethiopica / Arum Lily / Bulbs
A striking plant with glossy dark green wavy edged leaves and large white flowers in May and June.
Pack of 3 Rhizomes