Salad Seeds

Basil 'Crimson King' / Red Genovese Basil / British Bred / Seeds
A new variety of Red Genovese Basil with a compact shape, dark leaves and pleasing aroma.
Pack of approx 150 seeds.
Crithmum maritimum / Rock Samphire / Edible Forage Plant / Seeds
Attractive and delicious edible plant, foraged for years on our shores, and suitable for growing in most gardens.
Packet of seeds (30 seeds)
Dill 'Superdukat' / Herb bred for flavour / Seeds
A tasty and versatile variety of Herb Dill specially bred for flavour and for a compact shape.
Pack of approx 500 seeds.
Lettuce 'Ashbrook' / An Oakleaf Lettuce / Seeds
A light bright-green Oakleaf variety of Lettuce, with crunchy sweet-tasting frilly leaves.
Pack of seeds (Approx 1000 small seeds)
Lettuce 'Little Gem Pearl' / A Cos Lettuce / Seeds
A high quality variety of Cos Lettuce with well-filled hearts.
Pack of seeds (Approx 1000 small seeds)
Lettuce 'Morello' / A Lollo Rossa Lettuce / Seeds
A premium quality Lollo Rossa lettuce with frilly dark leaves.
Pack of seeds (Approx 500 small seeds)
Lettuce 'Roselee' / A Red Oakleaf Lettuce / Seeds
A vibrant deep-red Italian oakleaf variety of Lettuce, with good leaf flavour.
Pack of seeds (Approx 800 small seeds)
Rocket / Wild Rocket 'Challenger' / Seeds
A British bred variety that is slow to bolt and with a good upright habit and a firey flavour, good for growing throughout the summer
Pack of seeds (Approx 3000 small seeds)