Flower bulbs of the Cape Floral Kingdom

Flower Bulbs from the Cape Floral Kingdom

We offer a range of flower bulbs from plants originating in the Cape Floral Kingdom and surrounding areas.  So many of our garden plants in the UK originate from this area  We source our bulbs from professional growers and nurseries in the UK and Europe, and none are collected from the wild. 

Many varieties of bulbs are now highly cultivated, some hybridised, with a range of colours and forms available.

Some are winter hardy for the whole of the UK, some for warmer UK gardens (eg urban areas, the South West and west coast areas) and others are grown indoors over winter and either kept as houseplants or brought out in the summer. 

Listed below are the groups of plants where flower bulbs are generally available and grown in the UK.  Most plants do most of their growing and flowering in spring and summer, but a few grow in winter and flower in spring.

See Flower Bulbs for a list of currently available bulbs.

Bulbs for planting in autumn / early winter

  • Albuca (bulb) - plant indoors in autumn or outdoors in spring
  • Amaryllis belladonna (bulb)
  • Dierama (corm)
  • Freesia (corm), or plant in spring
  • Geissorhiza (corm) - plant indoors
  • Ixia (corm),
  • Lachenalia (bulb) - plant indoors
  • Ornithogalum (bulb)
  • Sparaxis (corm)
  • Tritonia (corm), indoors in colder gardens, otherwise outdoors
  • Veltheimia (bulb) - plant indoors in autumn or outdoors in spring
  • Zantedeschia aethiopica (rhizome) - plant oudoors in warmer gardens

Bulbs for planting in spring / summer

  • Albuca (bulb)
  • Agapanthus (rhizome)
  • Aristea (rhizome)
  • Babiana (corm)
  • Clivia (root)
  • Crinum (bulb)
  • Crocosmia (corm)
  • Eucomis (bulb)
  • Galtonia (bulb)
  • Gladiolus (corm)
  • Gloriosa (tuber)
  • Hesperantha / Schizostylis (rhizome)
  • Moraea (corm or rhizome)
  • Nerine (bulb)
  • Tulbaghia (corm)
  • Veltheimia (bulb)
  • Watsonia (corm)
  • Zantedeschia aethiopica (rhizome)