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Yellow Fennel Flower / Nigella 'Transformer'

An unusal form of Nigella with appealing yellow to lime-green flowers. These are  excellent cut and dried flowers. Sow directly into the ground from mid spring or earlier indoors.

Black Eyed Susan / Thunbergia alata 'Mixture'

A half hardy climber with a range of flower colours from white to orange.  Plants grow quickly outdoors up trellises or other supports. Sow indoors in spring in pots.  Easy to grow.

Cosmos 'Royal Dwarf White'

A dwarf variety of Cosmos with pure white flowers from summer into autumn. Plants grow to a height of about 50cm. Sow in spring in pots indoors or directly into the ground from early summer.

Linaria vulgaris / Common Toadflax / British Wildflower

At attractive British Wildflower with upright stalks of yellow and orange-flecked flowers in summer. Sow the seeds directly into the ground in spring.

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