Salad Seeds

Basil Large Leaf Sweet / Italian Basil / Seeds
A large leaf sweet Italian Basil with bright green large tasty leaves, and an upright habit.
Pack of approx 2,000 seeds.
Chervil / French Parsley / Anthriscus cerefolium/ Seeds
A popular cook's herb, with a mild aniseed flavour, used fresh on a wide range of dishes.
Pack of approx 2000 seeds.
Crithmum maritimum / Rock Samphire / Edible Forage Plant / Seeds
Attractive and delicious edible plant, foraged for years on our shores, and suitable for growing in most gardens.
Packet of seeds (30 seeds)
Watercress 'Large Leaf' / Nasturtium officinale / Seeds
A large leafed variety of Watercress with succulent pungent leaves and a crisp texture.
Pack of seeds (Approx 1000 seeds)