Wildflower Seeds

Achillea millefolium / White Yarrow / Seeds
A lovely garden plant, native to the British Isles, with lots of white aromatic flower-heads in June and July.
Packet of seeds (Approx 1000 seeds)
Agrostemma githago  / Corncockle / British Wildflower / Seeds
A lovely hardy annual and British wildflower with grey/green leaves and pink flowers from June to August/September.
10g Packet of seeds (approx 700 seeds)
Anthemis arvensis / Corn Chamomile / British Wildflower / Seeds
A British Wildflower with feathery leaves and small white fragrant flowers in summer from May to July.
Packet of seeds (1g, approx 4000 small seeds)
Armeria maritima ssp maritima / Seathrift / Wildflower /  Seeds
A coastal British Wildflower with pink pompom flowers from May/June to August.
Packet of seeds (approx 100 seeds)
Arnica montana / Mountain Arnica / Seeds
A well-known medicinal plant and lovely daisy-like plant for the garden with spikes of yellow flowers from June to August.
Packet of seeds (20 Seeds)
Borage / Borago officinalis / Mediterranean Herb & Wildflower / Seeds
A herb with star-shaped bright blue flowers in summer from June to September/October.
Packet of seeds (approx 500 seeds)
British Wildflower Selection / 4 packets of PlantGenesis Seeds
A selection of four packets of British Wildflower seeds for the garden.
Collection Pack (4 packets of seeds)
Briza maxima / Greater Quaking Grass / Seeds
A lovely decorative grass with nodding flowers in mid to late summer.
Packet of seeds (Approx 300 seeds)
Briza media / Common Quaking Grass / Seeds
A lovely decorative grass, growing wild in the UK and also great for gardens.
Packet of seeds (Approx 150 seeds)