Antirrhinum majus 'Bronze Dragon' / Dwarf Snapdragon / Seeds

(Code: TH_074)
Antirrhinum majus 'Bronze Dragon' / Dwarf Snapdragon / Seeds

A unique variety of Snapdragon with deep purple, almost black, leaves and two-tone flowers from May to the first frost. This is a dwarf variety of Snapdragon, growing to about 20-25cm tall, with a spreading habit, and ideal for bedding, baskets and containers.

Snapdragons like full sun and moist well drained soil.

Pack of 50 seeds.  Sow indoors in spring.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.

See how your seeds are packed.

Hardiness Half hardy annual (RHS Hardiness H1c)
Flowers May to the first frost
Height 20 - 25cm
Spread 20cm
Conditions  Grow in full sun and moist well-drained soil.

Sow in spring. Sow indoors in early spring in a tray of seed compost.  Do not cover and do not exclude light, which is needed for germination.    Keep at 18-20C and germination takes 1-2 weeks.  Transplant seedlings into pots when they are big enough to handle, and plant outside after the last frost about 20cm apart, and after hardening off. Or sow in late spring outside directly into cultivated soil or into a basket or container.


These are half-hardy plants, so make sure you protect them from frost.  Deadhead the flowers to keep them in bloom.  Remove the plants in autumn after they have flowered and they have died back.