Clematis stans / Japanese Clematis / Scented Shrub / Seeds

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Clematis stans / Japanese Clematis / Scented Shrub / Seeds

Clematis stans is a late flowering original species of Clematis from Japan.  It grows as a small shrub to a height of about 1m, with lots of small highly scented white to pale blue flowers from June to September. 

This Clematis is very hardy, prefers sun to part shade and a rich well drained soil.  It needs good watering during the summer and is generally cut back hard in the winter, adding a good mulch around the roots.  It is a good mid-border plant.


Pack of 25 Seeds (cold germinator).  Sow in the autumn/winter in a cold frame or against a north facing wall and the seeds germinate in the spring.  Or sow seeds in spring/summer following 2-3 weeks in the fridge.  Seedlings emerge slowly.

See how your seeds are packed.

Hardiness Hardy herbaceous perennial shrub (RHS Hardiness H6)
Flowers June to September
Height 1m
Spread 30 - 50cm
Conditions  Sun to part shade and rich moist well-drained soil.

Sow October-February in moist seed compost, and overwinter in a cold frame or outside wall, with a clear glass cover.   This breaks seed dormancy.  Seeds germinate slowly in the spring.   Or sow March-September in tray of seed compost (just cover with compost) and place in the fridge for 2-3 weeks and then outside in a cool spot.  Seeds emerge one by one throughout the summer and into next spring.  Pot on as seedlings emerge and plant out after the last frost.  

Grow Plant out young plants in the garden, with the crown about 5cm below ground level.  Plants prefer their roots to be cool and in moist soil.  Cut back mature plants hard in winter - as a Group 3 Clematis. Semi-ripe cuttings can be taken in summer.