Cleome hassleriana 'Colour Fountain' / Spider Plant / Seeds

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Cleome hassleriana 'Colour Fountain' / Spider Plant / Seeds

Stately upright border plants, Cleome 'Colour Fountain' grows just over 1m tall with upright stems of a mix of cherry, rose and white flowers in mid to late summer, typically July to September.  Plants have exotic-looking palmate leaves, and they look really good growing in groups in a border, or mixed with central and south American plants such as Verbena bonariensis and Cosmos.  They are striking and long-lasting cut flowers

Cleome grows best in a warm sunny position in sandy well drained soils.  Plants have a sturdy upright form, but may need staking in windy gardens.  

Pack of approx 500 seeds. Sow the seeds in late winter and spring indoors, or directly into cultivated ground in late spring after the risk of frost has passed.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.

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Hardiness Half-hardy annual (RHS Hardiness H2)
Flowers July to September
Height 100 -120cm
Spread 50cm
Conditions  Full sun and moist well-drained soil.

Sow the seeds in late winter and spring.  First, place the seeds between layers of damp kitchen towel and chill inside a plastic bag in a fridge for two weeks.  Then sow the seeds into a tray of compost, cover very lightly with compost and keep at a warm 20-25C.  If using a propagator, turn it off at night, as seeds need to experience warmth and cool to germinate.  Germination takes 2-3 weeks.  Or sow the seeds directly into cultivated soil in late spring, after the risk of frost has passed, thinning the plants 30-50cm apart.    

Grow Pinch out the growing tips of young plants once they are established as this encourages bushiness.  Stake plants in windy gardens as necessary.  Deadhead plants to encourage more flowers to form.  Remove the plants at the end of the season and start again with seed in the spring.  Plants may self-seed in warmer gardens, but not necessarily flowering in the same colour as the parent plants.