Crithmum maritimum / Rock Samphire / Edible Forage Plant / Seeds

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Crithmum maritimum / Rock Samphire / Edible Forage Plant / Seeds

Attractive and delicious edible plant, foraged for years on our shores, and suitable for growing in most gardens.  These are smaller plants, 15-30cm in height, with blue-green fleshy leaves and yellow-green flowers in midsummer, from June to August.  The tender shoots can be clipped regularly and cooked, having an appealing salty spicy taste, very popular with professional chefs.  They are also traditional herbal medicines.  And popular with landscapers as attractive garden plants.

Rock Samphire grows best in a sunny position and well drained soil.  It will grow in salty soils and in high alkaline soils.  Do not grow in waterlogged sites.  It can be grown in pots.  The young shoots can be clipped for eating in spring and summer and little in autumn.

Pack of 30 seeds.  Sow in spring and autumn.  Germination is sometimes erratic.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.

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Hardiness Hardy perennial (RHS Hardiness H6)
Flowers June to August
Height 15 - 30cm
Spread 20 - 30cm
Conditions  Full sun and poor well-drained soil.

Sow in spring or autumn in a tray of seed compost, keep at 15-25C and germination takes 2-4 weeks, sometimes erratically up to three months. Pot of young seedlings and harden off before planting outside in free-draining soil.  Autumn sowings should be protected in winter in a cold frame or greenhouse before planting out in spring.   

Grow Clip young tender shoots regularly in spring and summer and a little into autumn for cooking. Do not cook the woody older stems which do not taste good.    Stems can be chopped and sautéed or steamed/boiled in water for 5-10mins.  Cutback flowering stems once they have finished flowering.   Mature plants can be divided in spring.