Dietes grandiflora / Fairy Iris / Seeds

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Dietes grandiflora / Fairy Iris / Seeds

A lovely, iris-like flower from South Africa. Grows into clumps of dark green, rigid, sword-shaped leaves, producing lots of flowers from late spring right through the summer.  Flowers are white with yellow nectar guides and purple centres.  Grows to a height of 1-1.5m. Plants look good grown together in groups along paths or next to driveways.

Dietes grandiflora likes a sunny or part shaded site, and tolerates light shade.  Flowers best when fed and watered regularly.    Lift the rhizomes if planted in areas with frosts greater than -7C and protect over winter. Or grow in pots and move indoors.


Pack of 10 seeds.  Sow in spring or autumn (needs cool temperatures).  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.  


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Hardiness Hardy to half-hardy evergreen perennial (forms rhizomes) (RHS Hardiness H3)
Flowers Late spring into summer
Height 100 - 150cm
Spread 60 - 100cm
Conditions  Sun to part shade and well-drained soil.

Spring or autumn (needs cooler temperatures) in moist seed compost.  Cover lightly with compost and keep at 15 - 20C. Germination takes 1-3 months, sometimes longer.  Pot on the young seedlings as once they are big enough to handle.  You can try to speed up germination by soaking seeds in warm water for 2 days or sanding lightly with sand paper before sowing. 

Grow Flowering starts in the second or third season.  In colder areas (eg frosts greater than-7C), move plants indoors in winter. This is an evergreen plant, so do not cut back the leaves as you would with some irises.  Mature plants can be divided after flowering.