Eragrostis curvula / African Love Grass / Seeds

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Eragrostis curvula / African Love Grass / Seeds

A lovely willowy grass with curved leaves and spikes of flower pannicles in summer.  These grasses look great in a border, as edging and as stabilising ground cover, where they create movement and light into a garden.  They look good most of the year, flowering in summer and the dried-out leaves and flowers retain their shape in winter.  Plants reach a height of 1-1.5m and grow into dense tufts. 

African Love Grass comes originally from Southern Africa and the leaves are used to make traditional baskets.

African Love Grass grows best in full sun and any soil they can grow in very basic and highly acidic soil and coastal areas, so are very adaptable.  They seem to be just hardy for the UK,growing in warmer gardens, but if you cut back and mulch the plants they may survive quite cold conditions.  They can also be grown as annuals.


Pack of approx 100 seeds.  Sow in early spring to summer.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.

See how your seeds are packed.

Hardiness Hardy to half hardy perennial deciduous grass
Flowers Mid to late summer
Height 1 - 1.5m
Spread 20 - 40cm
Conditions  Sun and all soils

Sow in early spring to summer sparingly on the surface of a tray of moist seed compost. Press the seeds gently into the surface of the compost and do not cover as light is needed for germination.  Keep at around 20C and seedlings emerge in 2-4 weeks, sometimes longer.  Pot on and grow until the plants are ready to plant out after the last frost.   Overwinter summer-sown plants in a greenhouse or cold frame before planting out in spring.


Clear back dead plant material to ground level in spring.  Plants start re-growing in spring.  In colder gardens cut back in autumn and cover the plants with a mulch to protect them or grow them as annuals.  Mature clumps can be divided in early summer.  Plants stabilise steep banks and dunes.  In sand keep young plants well watered until they are established.