Eustoma grandiflorum ' Sapphire Pink Rim' / Dwarf Lisianthus or Texas Bluebell / Seeds

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Eustoma grandiflorum ' Sapphire Pink Rim' / Dwarf Lisianthus or Texas Bluebell / Seeds

The Sapphire series of Lisianthus are wonderful plants with a compact shape and lots of large flowers all summer, from June/July to the first frost.  Lisianthus ‘Sapphire Pink Rim’ is a single-flowered white and pink-rimmed dwarf form.  The plants grow about 20cm in height, with a good branched and rounded shape.  They do well as edging, pot plants and houseplants.  They are excellent cut flowers, lasting at least two weeks in a vase. 

Lisianthus grows best in sun to part shade and in neutral to alkaline well-drained soils.  They are frost-tender and can be grown as annuals (start sowing early) or as perennials kept over winter in a frost-free greenhouse or indoors as a good houseplant.

Pack of 30 small pelleted seeds.  Sow in winter to spring, generally November to March.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.  


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Hardiness Half hardy herbaceous perennial, often grown as an annual (RHS Hardiness H2)
Flowers June/July to the first frost
Height 10 - 20cm
Spread 10 -15 cm
Conditions  Full sun and composted well drained neutral to alkaline soil, protected from frosts

Sow in winter and spring.  Sow these white pelleted seeds sparingly on the surface of a tray or small pots of seed compost. Press the seeds gently into the compost and do not cover with compost as light is needed for germination.  Place a clear lid or plastic bag over the tray/pots.  Keep at a constant 22-25°C (a propagator is good) and seeds germinate in 1-3 weeks.  They take longer to germinate in cooler conditions.  Grow on the plants in warmth and light and plant out after the last frost in spring and after hardening off.   Seedlings grow slowly at first.

Grow Protect young plants from slugs and snails.  Let plants dry out between watering, as these are natural prairie plants and prefer hot and drier conditions.  Water in the morning so leaves can dry off before nightfall and avoid disease.  Fertilize plants regularly during the growing season. Deadhead to encourage more flowers. Trim back any dead/untidy plant material after flowering as necessary. Houseplants should be kept on a sunny windowsill and watered regularly ,avoiding water logging.  Stem tip cuttings can be taken in spring, but most plants are grown from seed.