Helianthus annuus ‘The Sun’ / Sunflower / Border Plant & Cut Flower / Seeds

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Helianthus annuus ‘The Sun’ / Sunflower / Border Plant & Cut Flower / Seeds

Helianthus ‘The Sun’ is a medium to tall Sunflower with large yellow flowers with black discs.  This is an early flowering variety, with flowers from June to August, depending on when they are sown. Plants grow up to about 2m in height.  They are wonderful border plants and excellent cut flowers.  They can be grown in big pots.

Sunflower ‘The Sun’ prefers full sun and moist well drained not-too-fertile soil.  This variety can be grown unbranched, which is best for cut flower use, or branched (by nipping out the growing tip of young plants), which is good for filling a border.

Pack of 50 seeds.  Sow indoors in spring or outdoors in late spring directly into the ground.   Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet. 

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Hardiness Hardy annual (RHS Hardiness H4)
Flowers June to August
Height 175 - 200cm
Spread 30 - 40cm
Conditions  Full sun and moist well-drained not-too-fertile soil

Sow indoors in spring 10mm deep in small pots of compost.  Sow 2-3 seeds per pot, with the pointed end of the seed facing upwards.  Keep at 15 -20°C and keep moist.  Germination takes about 1-3 weeks.  Transplant seedlings to bigger pots when big enough to handle and into the garden after the last frost.   Or sow outdoors in late spring directly into cultivated soil or a large pot at a depth of about 10mm.  For cutflowers, sow the seeds 5-10cm apart in rows about 35cm apart.  Thin the seedlings to about 30cm apart.  Protect young seedlings from slugs and snails, especially if sown directly into the ground.

Grow Pinch out the growing tips of young plants when they have at least 5 true leaves if you want branched plants. The plants grow in spring, flower in summer and then die in winter.  Remove the dead plants in winter and start again with seeds in spring.  Sunflowers form big seedheads after flowering and these can be left in the garden over winter to feed the birds.