Helichrysum italicum / Curry Plant / Italian Strawflower / Seeds

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Helichrysum italicum / Curry Plant / Italian Strawflower / Seeds

Helichrysum italicum is a Mediterranean plant that grows well in borders, herb gardens and containers.  The evergreen silver grey-green leaves are its best feature, providing an appealing contrast to other plants in the garden, such as Lavender and Salvia.  Plants grow to a height of about 50cm, with clusters of small golden-yellow flowers in summer, from June to September.  The leaves smell strongly of curry, but have a different, appealing and slightly bitter flavour, when used as a culinary herb.  The flowers dry well for winter flower arrangements, and make a good herbal tea.

The Curry Plant grows best in sun and well drained soil. It is drought tolerant once established and will grow in exposed windy gardens.  Plants need well drained soils to survive winter and can tolerate cold down to about -10 degrees Celcius.  

Pack of approx 100 small seeds.  Sow the seeds anytime, typically spring to autumn.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet. These are very small seeds, so be careful when opening the packet.

Seed how your seeds are packed.

Hardiness Hardy evergreen perennial sub-shrub (RHS Hardiness H4)
Flowers June to September
Height 50 - 60cm
Spread 60 - 80cm
Conditions  Sun and well-drained soil

Sow the seeds anytime, typically spring to autumn.  Sow the seeds onto the surface of a tray of moist seed compost.  Press the seeds into the compost and do not cover with compost.  Do not restrict light which is needed for germination.  Keep at 16-21C and seedlings emerge in 1-3 weeks.  Plant out the seedlings when they are big enough to handle into a sunny spot after the last frost.  


Plants are evergreen, retaining their leaves in winter.  They look best in a garden if trimmed back, which is typically done in spring in colder gardens or autumn in warmer gardens.  Semi-ripe stem cuttings take well in mid summer.