Hesperis matronalis 'Purple & White Mix' / Sweet Rocket / Seeds

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Hesperis matronalis 'Purple & White Mix' / Sweet Rocket / Seeds

A scented mix of Hesperis with sprays of white and purple flowers from May to June/July. The flowers smell best in the early evening. Plants grow to a good height of 90-120cm and are great for borders and for wilder parts of the garden, where they self seed once established.  Hesperis attracts butterflies and bees into the garden.

Sweet Rocket does best in full sun to part shade in rich, moist well-drained soil.  For year on year flowering, leave some flowerheads on the plants to encourage self-seeding.


Pack of approx 500 seeds.  Sow in spring to autumn, either in pots, or directly in the soil during the summer.  Plants flower in the season after sowing.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet. 

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Hardiness Hardy short-lived perennial
Flowers May to June/July
Height 90 - 120cm
Spread 30 - 50cm
Conditions  Full sun to part shade and rich, moist and well-drained soil

Sow in spring to autumn in trays of moist seed compost.  Press the seeds lightly into the compost and do not cover, as light is needed for germination.  Keep at 20-30C and germination takes 4 to 5 weeks.  Pot on seedlings when they are big enough to handle and plant out into the garden after the last frost.  Keep autumn sowings in a greenhouse or coldframe over winter and plant out in spring. Seeds can be sown directly into cultivated soil in late spring to early summer.  Pinch out growing tips for bushier plants.  Plants generally flower in the season after sowing.  Many sow in autumn for flowering the following spring.

Grow These are easy plants to look after.   Keep the soil moist, deadhead during the summer, and cut back dead stems in the winter (some plants are evergreen in mild winters).  Protect from cabbage white caterpillars.  Replace the plants every two to three years as younger plants flower best.   Plants self seed when flowerheads are left on the plants over winter, but the resulting plants may flower in mix of purple and white.