Isatis tinctoria / Woad / Seeds

(Code: B&T_191)
Isatis tinctoria / Woad / Seeds

Woad is a biennial herb and traditional medicinal plant.  Plants grow a rosette of leaves in the first year and brilliant yellow flowers in the second, making an attractive plant fora herb or informal garden, growing to a height of about 1m.  Woad is used to make the traditional blue dye known as indigo.  The dye is made from the leaves of the rosettes (harvested in mid to late summer) in a traditional process of extraction.

Woad grows best in full sun to part shade and neutral to alkaline well-drained soil.


Pack of 50 seeds.  Sow in spring or autumn.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.


See how your seeds are packed.

Hardiness Hardy biennial herb
Flowers May to June
Height 100cm
Spread 30cm
Conditions  Sun to part shade and well drained neutral to alkaline soils

Sow in spring or autumn.  Soak the seeds overnight in hand hot water.  Sow the seeds in a tray of moist seed compost. Cover with about 5mm of compost. Keep at 16-21C and germination can be erratic, taking 2 - 6 weeks. Transfer seedlings to pots when big enough to handle.  Harden off seedlings before planting out after the last frost. 

Grow Plants grow a rosette in the first year and flower in the second, after which they die back.  Try not to grow plants in the same place year after year.