Nasturtium 'Jewel of Africa' / Tropaeolum majus / Climber / Seeds

(Code: TH_033)
Nasturtium 'Jewel of Africa' / Tropaeolum majus / Climber / Seeds

A climbing Nasturtium with variegated foliage and a vibrant mix of richly coloured flowers from June to the first frost.  This climber has abundant flowers late into the year, and can be grown in containers (it trails nicely) or climbing up a trellis or patios pots.  It will grow to 2-2.5m high over the summer.  Plus the leaves and flowers are edible.

Nasturtium prefers a sunny spot.  Provide support (such as a climbing frame or trellis) for the plants to climb best.  They will sprawl nicely over the ground as well.  The plants attract butterflies.


Pack of 30 seeds.  Sow in-situ in spring or start earlier indoors.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.  Easy to grow.

See how your seeds are packed.

Hardiness Hardy annual climber or trailer
Flowers June to the first frost
Height 2 - 2.5m
Spread 1.5 - 2m
Conditions  Sun to part shade and moist well-drained soils
Sow Sow outdoors directly in the ground in spring.  Prepare and rake the ground and sow 20mm deep.  Or sow indoors in early spring in a tray of moist seed compost.  Sow about 1cm deep and keep at 15-20C and germination takes 7-10 days. Pot up and grow on until ready to plant out into the garden in a sunny spot after hardening off.  Provide support (eg a trellis) for plants to climb.
Grow Tie in plants as they climb.  Deadhead plants to prolong flowering.  Plants die down after flowering in the autumn when they should be removed.  They will self-seed , but not overwhelmingly, and you should have these plants for years from one initial packet of seed.