Osteospermum ecklonis ‘Mixed’ / Cape Daisy / Seeds

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Osteospermum ecklonis ‘Mixed’ / Cape Daisy / Seeds

A mix of compact Osteospermums, with flowers in shades of purple, rose and white.  Plants are compact and bushy and show well in borders and pots.   Flowers come out from May/June to September and grow to a height of 20cm.

Osteospermums need full sun to flower best and like well drained soil.  They look best planted together in groups in rockeries, pots or the front of borders.  Although these are generally grown as annuals, if you protect the plants over the winter in a greenhouse, you can grow them as perennials.


Pack of 30 seeds.  Sow in spring or autumn, for planting out after the last frost.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.

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Hardiness Half-hardy perennial, often grown as an annual (RHS Hardiness H3)
Flowers May/June to September
Height 20cm
Spread 20cm
Conditions  Full sun and well drained soil

Sow in spring or autumn in seed trays, just covered with seed compost.  Do not exclude light which is needed for germination. Keep at 16 – 21°C and germination takes 2-3 weeks.  Transplant to pots when the seedlings can be handled.  Grow on and plant out after the last frost.  


Water plants when first planted out and during dry spells.  Deadhead plants to prolong flowering.  Plants grown in containers benefit from a regular feed (eg weekly).  If grown as an annual, remove the plants after flowering.  Protect from the frost over winter and these plants can be grown as perennials.  They are evergreen and if kept over winter, benefit from a light trim after flowering or in the spring.  Cuttings can be taken in summer from non-flowering stem tips.