Papaver nudicaule 'Mixed' / Icelandic Poppy / Seeds

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Papaver nudicaule 'Mixed' / Icelandic Poppy / Seeds

This is a great alternative to annual poppies, as it is perennial and flowers more than one year.  Plants are long stemmed, with large beautiful fragrant flowers from May/June to September in a mix of white, yellow, orange and red shades.  They grow to a height of 40-50cm and grow well in borders and containers.  They are good cut flowers.

Iceland Poppies grow best in full sun to part shade and well-drained soil.  Plants self-seed.  

Pack of approx 2000 seeds.  Sow in autumn or spring directly in the ground or in early spring in pots, for an early start. Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.

See how your seeds are packed.

Hardiness Hardy short-lived perennial (RHS Hardiness H7)
Flowers May/June to September
Height 40 - 50cm
Spread 15 - 20cm
Conditions  Full sun to part shade and well drained soil

Sow in spring or autumn directly in the soil, on the surface of a prepared seed bed, and rake over lightly.   Seeds germinate in 2 4 weeks once the temperature reaches around 12C to 15C in the spring. Sow seeds in a pattern, such as a circle or cross, as this helps identify poppy seedlings from weed seedlings.  Sow more than you need, and thin as needed, as the seedlings can be affected by damping off.


Water young plants regularly if conditions are dry, and remove competing weeds.  Plants need very little attention once established.  Cut back plants after flowering or in early spring.  Leave seedheads on the plants over winter if you want them to self-seed.