Phormium cookianum 'Purpureum' / New Zealand Mountain Flax / Seeds

(Code: JEL_008)
Phormium cookianum 'Purpureum' / New Zealand Mountain Flax / Seeds

This is a great architectural plant with reddish-brown leaves and yellow/orange flowers in midsummer.  Plants grow into evergreen clumps up to 1.5m high and similar across. They are good for all but the coldest gardens in the UK, and also grow well in larger containers.  These are a good alternative to Phormium tenax, as they have a more compact shape and softer drooping leaves.

New Zealand Mountain Flax grows best in full sun in well drained soil.  They can need protecting in very cold gardens and during periods of prolonged snowfall.


Pack of 20 seeds.  Sow anytime, typically spring to autumn.  Germination is erratic and may be enhanced with chilling.  Sowing instructions and a colour photo are printed on the packet.

See how your seeds are packed.

Hardiness Hardy evergreen perennial (RHS Hardiness H4)
Flowers June to August
Height 1 - 1.5m
Spread 1 - 1.5m
Conditions  Sun and fertile well-drained soil

Sow anytime, typically spring to autumn.  Sow the seeds in a tray of well drained seed compost, keep at a warm 20 25 C and germination takes a few weeks,erratically up to a few months.  If there is no germination, move the tray into a fridge for 2-4 weeks and back into the warmth.   Transfer seedlings to small pots when they are big enough to handle and then out into the garden or a larger container when frost free.


Plants are evergreen, and can be tidied up in spring to remove any dead or diseased leaves. Mature clumps can be divided in spring once the soil has warmed up.  Protect plants in very cold weather with fleece and brush off standing snow.  Or grow in pots and bring into a greenhouse when necessary.